Grey van der Hoff

Grey heads up the the team at Global Marketing. He is in charge of ensuring quality of work no matter the project. He is often involved at the planning level of projects and maintains consistent presence to uphold cohesive strategic consistence.

Grey van der Hoff has been undertaking consulting assignments for the past twenty years focusing on business performance improvement. Past clients include numerous large and SME South African companies. For many the results have been significant. Grey has been involved in export marketing and development for the past 20 years during which time he has undertaken export market access projects for over 300 companies in 35 countries around the world.  He served on the South African National Export Advisory Council (NEAC) with its establishment in the late 1990’s. 

The scope of export market projects entailed in-market visits, identifying agents and/or distributors, export readiness assessments, test marketing products abroad, attending exhibitions and developing export marketing plans. He was previously Head of the Consulting Division at the National Productivity Institute (NPI) before starting Global Marketing in 2003.  

He has worked for the EU, WTO, DANIDA and NGOs in a variety of roles such as trade analysis, research and drafting trade research papers, business linkage programs, undertaking of feasibility studies, trade competitiveness building and capacity building/ training.